Origin – Australia
ABV- 4.8%
Size- 440mL
Style- Pale Ale

It’s not only Georgia Love, the most recent ‘Bachelorette’, that every bloke in Tasmania has to be proud of, they can now firmly hang their hats (and third legs!) on a decade of Moo Brew’ing. And to celebrate the big ten zero, Dave Walsh and him mates put in a new canning line and produced what they affectionately call the Big Foot, named after the label artwork by John Kelly. The single malt, single hop pale ale served up in a 440ml can may look a far cry from the distinctive Moo Brew mini champagne bottles of goodness that have been used exclusively since the brewer inception, however the impressive drinking quality is just the same. Following a clean clear pour, the heavy use the ‘exclusive to the apple isle’ Enigma hops late in the brewing process give this drop a subtle yet distinctive floral characteristic on the nose. Put it to your lips and it’s lively on the palate, with the locally grown Tassie malt providing an upfront sweetness, followed by a fruity dry hop bitterness that lingers and lingers…just like poor old Matty J. Now that you’ve discovered these tinnies there’ll be no going back the 30 block of Tooheys New


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