Origin – Australia
ABV- 7.7%
Size- 330mL
Style- Indian Pale Ale

The lads out there on the Parramatta River have done it again…no not breached the NRL salary cap! …produced yet another top-notch beer. They may have only been brewing for a few short years however Riverside Brewing Co is quickly becoming known as one of the best breweries west of San Francisco, and there’s many good reasons for it – this Seventy Seven Indian Pale ale just one of them. From the elephant on the label to the 7.7% ABV which gives the Seventy Seven its name, simply looking at this IPA gives you the impression of it being a big beer. And it’s so big it makes Corey Norman’s third party payments look like just a few bucks! Just put your nose in the glass and see if you can avoid being sucker punched by the hefty hit of tropical hop aromas. Yet although this American style IPA is a celebration of hops, using four different kinds throughout the process, the loving restraint in the hopping regime means the bitterness has been pared back enough to maintain the all-important balance and a remarkably clean finish. Although this IPA gets up in your face, it’s smooth enough to ensure that you’ll be coming back for more. Just be careful when you do, at 2 standard drinks a stubby, it won’t be many before you’re dancing like the big fella on the label.


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