Origin – New Zealand
ABV- 5%
Size- 330mL
Style- Pilsner

With names like Josh and Dave, you’d think you would more likely find them on the reality TV show ‘The Block’ rather than brewing beers in the Marlborough Region of New Zealand. But knock about blokes they are not. In fact Josh, the founder of Moa, is New Zealand’s only qualified Cicerone (which is a very fancy way of saying he is certified to tell you all about beer). So what do you do with a fancy title like Cicerone? You make a beer using a fancy champagne yeast and call it a fancy name such as Methode. And there’s a chance in fact that this Moa Methode is the Dom Perignon of pilsners. The bottle conditioning and the late inclusion of the Pacifica and Motueka hops in the brewing process creates a wonderful herbaceous and tropical aroma with a high bitterness, which is balanced by a relatively full mouth feel that snaps you back to reality. The dry finish and lingering malty spiciness is the perfect pair up for the caviar of the beer world…corn chips. And as a little treat to kick off your first craft beer cube, I’ve thrown you a bag on me to get you started.


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