Origin – United States of America
ABV- 4.6%
Size- 12 FL.OZ
Style- Wheat Beer

If it’s the country road that takes you home, then it must be the Golden Road that takes you to Hefen (get it? Heaven, ok you get it!) and once you’re there I’d suggest that they’ll be serving this Bavarian style wheat beer by the cubit. A good Hefe is perfectly suited to a summer afternoon so it’s fitting that the image on the can depicts a Southern Californian hillside—sun-drenched and peppered with palms. And although the outside of the can is impressive, it’s not nearly as good as what’s inside. Pull the ring on a chilled Golden Road Hefe and you’ll first notice hints of banana and clove on the nose. Rather than aggressive, it’s an aroma that creeps on in like the setting sun, and on the pour, the colour similarly reminds me of one. It washes simple and clean over the taste buds in an unassailing manner with flavours of apricot, banana and a little lemon citrus. The medium body and light carbonations ensure a smooth and crisp finish to every mouthful of Hefeweizen sunshine. Forget the misty taste of moonshine, I’ll take a 6 pack of these with me on the next trip to West Virginia, or the Blue Ridge Mountain, even to the Shenandoah River.


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