Origin – United States of America
ABV- 4.6%
Size- 355mL
Style- Lager

Granted this brew from Uncle Sam’s (or is that now Donald Trump’s?) 50th state could taste a little on the light side if all you’ve raised a glass of recently are pale ales, Indian pale ales or double pale ales. If however you’ve been unfortunate enough to turn up to the father-in-law’s only to be served up a few Crown Lagers, then this beer is going to be like taking a boat trip to Hawaii. Embossed on the bottle are the words ‘liquid aloha’ and when it comes to fantastic everyday refreshing beers, this drop by Kona Brewing Company, located at Kailua-Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island (hence the name) is pretty much liquid gold. In the glass, the light golden colour is crystal clear with a fluffy white head. As you’d expect from a lager, the aroma is faint with a delicate grass and mildly citrus nose. In the mouth there’s some mild hops and a touch of spicy malt, however it’s the perfect balancing of these flavours, the result of the brew being aged for several weeks at cold temperatures post fermentation, that makes this drop so simply fresh and enjoyable. Given Kona was kicked started in 1995 by a father and son team after a conversation over a few beers, it’s certainly only appropriate that a Kona should be included as the Craft Beer Co-op kicks off its purpose to craft conversations.



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