Origin – Australia
ABV- 4.8%
Size- 330mL
Style- Pilsner

Built on the site of the original brewery in Lobethal, which only survived between 1851 and 1874, Al and Rosie opened the doors to this state of the art craft brewing Bierhaus in late 2007, but like most things from South Australia, it’s taken a while for the rest of Australia to discover it…but discover it we have. Although there’s now numerous award winning beers in the range, it all started with a tribute to all the blokes called Phil, with the Bohemian ‘Philsner’. I’m told this throwback to the original Czech pilsner comes with a bohemian twist courteously of Al’s time working as a banker in the big apple, presumably drinking beer after a hard day of short selling given he now owns a brewery outright! On the pour its light straw colour is brilliant and the clean aroma of spicy hops and fruity appley esters on the nose is somewhat fancy. However it is the perfect balance of lightness, crispness and freshness on the palate that has me hooked. So in the words of that famous Victorian Bitter advertisement, if your name’s Phil, then this one’s made for you!


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