Origin – Australia
ABV- 4.4%
Size- 330mL
Style- Pale Ale

It seems ‘The Shire’ (as the locals down south of Sydney know it) is the new San Francisco of Australia’s east coast, with craft breweries such as Shark Island Brewing and the Hairy Man Brewery now lining the shores of the Port Hacking. Thought it’s this small batch brewed sessional pale ale by local shire boy Brad Walker from Sunday Road that’s getting a name for itself from Northies to the Royal National Park and back. It’s a pale ale that leans towards a summer ale more than most classic PA’s: rather than all hop, it’s medium bodied, and at only 4.4% it’s perfect for knocking over under scorching hot Aussie summer sun. Give the Enigma a pour and you’ll see an ale that is golden in colour with a medium head. In the mouth there’s a real depth to it and a fine balance between hop and malt. Brad tells me the trick has been the increased post boil and the extra addition of dry hopping. For a real buzz, let it linger on the tongue and you’ll notice a nice little zing that reminds me of the bags of Fizz Whiz that you used to pick up from the local milk bars by the beach for 25c. ‘The Shire’ might not have Lombard Street, Alcatraz or the Golden Gate, but I’ll settle for Kiora road, Tom Ugly’s Bridge, Miranda Police Station and a Sunday Road any day.


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