Origin – Australia
ABV- 4.4%
Size- 330mL
Style- Wheat beer

With the inevitable changes to come after a microbrewery is sold to a 40 foot giant (this time Carlton & United) a few of the lads working for Malitda Bay Brewing jumped ship, refusing to sell out on the ideals of true craft brewing to men in suits. They formed Little Creatures, which then branched out to launch the White Rabbit brewery…which they then SOLD OUT to the 400 foot Japanese-controlled giant Lion! Now let’s not be too critical lads, surely you’d do the same if someone handed you a brief case filled with close to 400 million big ones. The one thing that was in that deal for us non-corporate, free as the wind, owned by no man, ‘true’ craft beer lovers, is that the new owners retained both the key members of the brewing team and the open barrel fermenters that give White Rabbit it’s famous complex characters and aromas. And this Belgian style witbier, or white ale, is certainly true to its roots, with plenty substance and character behind it. It’s hazy in the glass as you’d expect from any wheat beer, but what’s not expected is the spiced aroma. There’s coriander, juniper berry and even a little orange peel thrown in for good measure. The taste doesn’t disappoint either, with a light to medium body that is remarkably refreshing. I’m sure the former owners find it perfect for washing down a few thousand bucks worth of Beluga caviar as an entrée.


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