Origin – United States of America
ABV- 7.2%
Size- 473mL
Style- Indian Pale Ale

Is it the torpedo sized can?  Could it be the torpedo sized alcohol %?  Possibly the torpedo sized price? Perhaps the torpedo sized flavour? None of the above. The name is in fact derived from the revolutionary ‘Hop Torpedo’ process. Dry hopping, the addition of hops to cold beer that allows the aromatic oils and resins to infuse the beer with flavor and aroma without adding any additional bitterness, still wasn’t delivering the hop hit that the lads at Sierra Nevada were after, thus one crazy night the ‘Torpedo’ was born – a stainless steel device packed with hops that the fermenting beer is circulated though and then back into the tank. The result is an incredibly balanced beer. The flavour of the hops on the front end transitions perfectly to the sweet caramel malt in the middle and the bitterness of the Magnum, Crystal and Citr hops to finish is distinct but not overpowering. With 2.7 standard drinks in every can XL can, I’d suggest keeping a handle on the launch codes. There’s certainly nothing tiny about this month’s mystery tinny!


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