Origin – Australia
ABV- 4.8%
Size- 375mL
Style- Pale Ale
With a brewery tagline of ‘Serve the people’ it’s not surprising that these lads from Newton have rapidly made a real name for themselves among all beer ‘people’ from Gerringong to Geraldton. And from the moment you grip this tinny, that looks so hip and old school that it should grow a beard, you get the feeling you’re about to enjoy something special. And old school is an apt description for this pale ale that is a tribute to the classic ales that were being served up in Newtown when it was first settled in 1866 by English migrants, though these days the beers are cold and the pies are…actually the pulled pork sliders are warm. Although a trailer load of English and Australian malts (Ale & Carahell), and a truck load of hops (Victoria’s, Secret, Cascade & Galaxy) were used during the brewing process to produce a complex drop, delivering floral and citrus characters, the lads have done so without the super-hero attitude, so you can drink more than one. And yes, Victoria’s and Secret are actually types of hops, not just the combined name of the Super Bowl of fashion…without the beer and the nuts!


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