Origin – Australia
ABV- 4.2%
Size- 330mL
Style- Ale
If you round up the herd of Yaks you’ll notice the new baby in paddock. I assume the breeders over at the Matilda Bay stables got the Fat Yak and Lazy Yak together for a date night and…. or perhaps, more accurately, the marketing team were out for a long lunch, slurping down a few freshly shucked oysters, and knocking the top off some amazing Stone & Wood Pacific Ale’s, and through the lenses of some beer googles thought to themselves ‘we should get on this train’. The result, as it says on the label, is a fresh and fruity pale ale with tropical fruit characters…but only just when compared to what it seems to be mimicking. Very much like the Stone and Wood, or any other beer for that matter, it is both wet and smooth, however unlike the Stone and Wood, it has much less body, making it much easier drinking, which makes it perfect for a sessional on a hot summer’s day. The label however looks a treat…perhaps if the brewer had the same performance bonus as the marketing team who designed the look and feel, it may be a whole different story.


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