Origin – Australia
ABV- 5.4%
Size- 355mL
Style- Pale ale
September 19 may well be “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”, though there’s a fair chance that once you get a taste for the line up from lads at Pirate Life, you’d give up your peg leg any day of the year for the chance to swill another one. I’m told the name of this custom built brewery in Hindmarsh South Australia has nothing to do with blowing people out of the water, however since Captain Jack Cameron and his second mate Jared ‘Red’ Proudfoot canned their first beer in 2015, there’s been ‘ship’ loads of it consumed all over Australia. However the quality of this Pirate Life pale ale is far from a story of stumbling over fool’s gold, but rather a tale of a long journey seeking buried treasure. Jack and Jared first learnt the craft from the modern day masters, at Brewdog in Scotland, before then refining there techniques in one of Australia’s best craft beer hothouses, Little Creatures. With experience and knowledge beyond their years now under their belts, they set sail for Adelaide, with a clear direction on where they wanted to take their beers and their brewery. They began brewing with the philosophy that ‘good beer plays a big part in enriching lives’ and that’s pretty much been converted into liquid format in this 355mL can. Best poured into a jam jar (or glass if your shorts are hanging above mid-thigh height) you’ll first notice on the nose that there’s a gentle pine forest floor character followed by a cannon ball of a hit of hoppy bitterness, driven by the Mosaic and Cascade finishing hops. Take a big swig and you’ll soon taste the solid malty backbone and a characterful yeast that’s required to balance that big hop flavour. Yet given all those hops, it finishes light and crisp and much less bitter than you’d first envisage. Given the opportunity, I’d be the first lining up to walk the plank and jump into an icy sea filled with these patch wearing pale ales.


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