Origin – Australia
ABV- 4.6%
Size- 330mL
Style- Pilsner
The story of the Hawthorn Brewing Company is similar to that of many, boy meets boy who meets another boy, who tries his hand at home brewing, and before long the first two boys convince the other boy that ‘this shit ain’t too bad’ and they all move to Hawthorn and open up a microbrewery. Well that’s not quite the story of Dazza, Pete and Hamish, the three boys who grew up in Mooroolbark, in Melbourne’s east. Rather the story goes that Hamish, the homebrewer among them spent his ‘informative’ years traveling world, and like all good Aussie larrikins, spend a significant amount of that time with a beer in hand. However unlike many, he managed to get further than Earls Court or Temple Bar, and instead explored beer cultures from the likes of the artisanal ales of Belgium, the classic lagers from Germany, South America and Asia, to the hand pumped ales of England and the micro brewed beers from USA. Preferring to class the adventure, as the journey of a flavour merchant, (hence the beer label) rather than a trip down the silk road, Hamish returned down-under ready to take his home brewing to an entirely new level. The trio produced their first commercial batch of Pale Ale in 2009 and haven’t looked back since. This Euro style Pilsner, the third beer in the stable, hit the shelves in 2010, was awarded the Bronze in the 2011 Beer Challenge London, and has been a hit ever since. On the nose you can’t miss the distinct floral whiff of the Noble hop, while the clear pour, along with the clean and crisp palate, can be attributed to the cool fermentation and lengthy cold storage. She finishes with subtle spicy aroma, delivered by dry hopping late in the brewing process. It’s easy drink, but with still just enough going on to make it memorable …unlike most nights from your trip to Temple Bar.


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