Origin – Australia
ABV- 5.0%
Size- 375mL
Style- Pale Ale
Given our slogan, what better way is there to craft a conversation with an old mate, than with an Old Mate! Granted the Bandido wearing lemur in spurs on the neon orange label is a somewhat random, however, the image does pretty much sum up the Moon Dog Brewery….somewhat random…or crazy…or maybe just downright weird. I guess you’ve got to be a little left of field to brew the likes of Pumpkin Porter, Gingerbread Brown and Perverse Sexual Amalgam. Or perhaps it’s just good for PR, after all, Donald Trump seems to be getting plenty of media attention by posting one random tweet after another. Unlike Don however, the two brothers Josh and Jake, and their old mate Karl, have real hair, and brew beers that ensure it will stand up from first sip, to the bottom of the bottle. And although the pale ale is no longer the new black of the craft beer world, there is nothing usual about this one. On the pour, it’s a dark straw colour. While the best way to describe the nose is an American Pale crossed with a tin of 2 fruits! And it’s not only on the nose, but the palette itself that is dominated by peach and orange citrus…I did mention early right that these lads from Abbotsford, just west of inner city Melbourne, were random brewers right? That said, it’s not as bad as it sounds. The Cascade hops and caramel malts go a long way in balancing off the fruity flavours, and you’re left with a crisp and highly drinkable beer. I’ll be honest, it’s not really my style of beer, but it’s distinct enough never to be forgotten, ensuring that one day I’ll look back remember my Old Mate.


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