Origin – Australia

ABV- 4.1%

Size- 500mL

Style- Indian Pale Ale

Modus Operandi, or MO as Gibbs would say on NCIS (the real one, forget that LA shit!)… i.e. ‘every killer has their own MO’, is a particular way of doing something, and the crew at MO brewing certainly have a killer of a way of doing things! And this husband and wife team of Grant and Jaz Wearin, from Mona Vale on the Northern Beaches of NSW, state their MO as ‘beer first’. Based on the amount of awards they’ve picked up since sealing the first XXXL tinny in 2014, I’m not sure if it relates to the trophy cabinet or their methods of importing live yeast from USA, the finest speciality hops from the Czech Republic or amazing malts from…well Malta I guess? Either way since stunning a packed house at their first beer awards, taking the gong for Australia’s best IPA, and after only 3 months in business, this MO has been a consistent winner. And the Sessional IPA fits the mould perfectly. After pouring with a clear golden head, and a fine creamy, long lasting lacing, the nose is all citrus and melon. On the palette you get small hop hit from the simcoe, citra and chinook, however the trinity of hops is remarkably well balanced with the presence of ‘Maltese’ malt, giving it a nice level of complexity. For me, I’d love a little oooompha, but then it wouldn’t be a sessional IPA would it? And if the 500mL tinny is not big enough for you, get over the brewery. You can get take homes in a 1L squealer and a 2L growler. If you simply can’t go past a tinny, there’s even a 1L CANimal…which is MO for drinking out of a super big can!


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