Origin – Australia
ABV- 5.6%
Size- 330mL
Style- Indian Pale Ale

Old Billy the blacksmith, first time in his life, has gone home cold sober, to his darling wife, He walks in the kitchen, she says you’re early my dear, but he breaks down and tells her, the pub’s got no beer…. Well, old Billy need not to worry no more, ‘cause a brewer named Murray has come to the fore, with his passion for craft there’d soon be some draught, ensuring that Billy or the barman never need to fear that another day should come when the pub’s got no beer. If you haven’t worked it out yet, the birthplace of Murray’s Brewery was the iconic “Pub With No Beer” of Slim Dusty fame, on the NSW North Coast. The installation of a microbrewery not only solved the pub’s supply problem but was the humble beginnings of what is now one of Australia’s best craft beer producers, evidenced by the being awarded the 2016 Australian Brewery of the year. Now calling Bobs Farm (not far from Port Stephens) home, Murrays have become synonymous with pushing the boundaries of brewing, bottling the likes of Pumpkin Ale, Sea Monster seaweed beer and Melon Rouge watermelon wheat beer. Fortunately for your average craft beer lover, the Fred IPA isn’t as polarising as some of those brews or as unbalanced as the random looking label would suggest.  That said, it’s also not for the light-hearted. At 5.6% ABV this classic USofA inspired ale is big on flavour, dominated by citrus, tropical fruit and pine, and huge on the hops. The assertive bitterness, however, is wonderfully balanced by the triple treat (pale, crystal and wheat) of malt sweetness. I’m sure if old Billy was still around, he’d enjoy sharing a cold one with his new mate Fred.


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