Origin – United States of America
ABV- 4.6%
Size- 355mL
Style- Golden Ale

Does island-style beer taste as good when it’s actually brewed on the mainland? Some would argue not and last week two Californian crafties filed a lawsuit against the maker of Kona Big Wave, saying they were falsely led to believe the product was produced in Hawaii. And they certainly aren’t alone. Given the label features a big Hawaiian surf break and embossed on the bottle are the words ‘liquid aloha’, even I was fooled. However, the lads at Kona now produce most of their beers in the continental U.S. — in the decidedly non-tropical regions of Oregon, Washington State, New Hampshire and Tennessee. Where’s the romance in that? That said, if you’re looking for a great sessional, fortunately for you, the flavour profile is nowhere near as complicated as the back story. Designed to go down easy after a big day out on the water, at 4.4% this drop is on the lighter side of even a golden ale. She pours…well, golden, which can be mostly contributed to the caramel malt, and has nice little lacing in the glass. On the nose, the aroma is mildly hoppy with some floral, citrus and tropical fruit, along with just a touch of caramelised toffee. In the mouth, it’s all smooth, with just enough dry finish to make it interesting, ensuring it has you coming back for more. Just in case you were wondering if plaintiffs had a chance, Becks forked out $20M when sued by consumers who say they thought it was brewed in German and Leffe is facing a lawsuit because it’s not really made by monks…and I’m not bullshitting you!


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