Origin – Australia
ABV- 5.2%
Size- 375mL
Style- Amber Ale

Just as Redhook brewery can stake a claim as the granddaddy of the US West Coast craft beer movement, Mountain Goat Brewery can do the same when it comes Australia. At a time when ‘craft’ was more likely a word to describe your nana’s knitting, Cam Hines and Dave Bonighton were rapidly expanding their home brewing operation out of their garage and into the backyard, hosting legendary Friday night beers and barbeques. Word spread quickly, a dozen turned into dozens and a legend was born in the back streets of Melbourne. Now well into their second decade, the amazing beers, local and international collaborations, and new experimental profiles just keep coming. The Fancy Pants is true to this philosophy. And it’s not only the name that is distinct, once you taste this amber ale, it’s a beer you’ll not likely forget anytime soon. Pull the ring on this mystery tinny and a passionfruit vine almost bursts right out of the can. Word from Dave, it’s the mountains of fresh hop flowers that are added post-boil that give it such a strong aroma. But if the aroma’s not fancy enough, the flavour profile is at another level. The combination of traditional ale malts, with a dose of crystal and wheat malts, chopped up American ale yeast delivers a caramel and toffee driven amber ale that would have even Moses thinking twice about what to carry off the mountain with him. Now it’s a recurring theme, unfortunately, but like most grandfathers, there comes a time for a triple bypass, and that blockage was cleared in late 2015 when Cam and Dave accepted a little financial injection (AKA a buyout) allowing them to cash up and still run their ‘backyard’ brewery, albeit with new boss. Even a billy goat has got to eat right?


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