Origin – Australia, WA
ABV- 3.8%
Size- 330mL
Style- Amber Ale

Sailing and beer drinking have gone hand in hand since Captain Cook first set foot on our island nation, so it’s not surprising that one of Australia’s first craft brewers also holds a connection to adventures at sea. In the years following Alan Bond’s epic defeat of Denis Connor in the ‘83 America’s Cup (after which the beer-sculling Bob Hawke famously said ‘’I’ll tell you what … any boss who sacks anyone today for not turning up is a bum.”) a huge shed was built on the water’s edge at Fremantle to house the fleet built to defend our first ever cup victory.  Unfortunately, Dennis had the last laugh, defeating Ian Murry’s boy’s four wins to zip and the shed was moth-balled. It was good fortune however for 3 lads with big dreams, who did a deal in late 2000 to convert it to their own little brewery…and as they say, the rest is history. Like most craft brewers starting out, the first beer out the door for Little Creatures was a pale ale, though it was this creative amber ale with a not so creative name (it was named after the brewers Roger Bailey and Roger Bussell) that put them on the map.  And put them on the map it did, exporting across the Nullarbor by 2005, opening up an east coast brewery in Geelong by 2012 and in the same year selling off for a record $380M to Lion Nathan, whom itself is now owned by Kirin. The good news is that neither the sell-off nor the sea water has affected the flavour of what is still today a king of the craft beer world… a big title for only a mid-strength. A vibrant reddish amber colour on the eye, this ale has a slightly roasted malt flavour which is boosted by wonderful aromatic hops, derived from the use of Goldings in the kettle, cascade in the whirlpool, and Stella and Cascade whole hop flowers during finishing. The result on the palate is a hop bitterness that is more sharp and spiky than gruff and parching. When finished there’s just a dab of caramel and a twist of lemon, a nice aftertaste that reminds you of where you first started. And at 3.8% the Rogers is a perfect craft beer for those who do need to turn up to work the next day.


Sam-I-am Summer Ale

Origin – Australia
ABV- 4.2%
Size- 330mL
Style- Summer ale

It would, it could, in a glass. A smell, an aroma, of citrus and grass. It’s crisp. It’s snappy. It’s bright and clean. Roasted barley and a flavour of malt. It could be the best ale you’ve seen. You do not like a summer ale? So you say. Try Them! Try them! And you may. I do! I do! And I will drink them here and there. I will drink them ANYWHERE!

Whether you share a conversation and a bottle with one mate or even eight, I’m sure your only response to the craft beer world’s newest brand the SAM-I-AM summer ale, brewed in a collaboration between the Craft Beer Coop and Riverside Brewery, will be Thank you. Thank you, Sam-I-am. Ps- it pairs perfectly with green eggs and ham 😉