Origin – Australia. WA
ABV- 4.2%
Size- 330mL
Style- Flavoured beer

Now I’ve never fully understood the whole flavoured beer thing. In the early days I tried the Framboise, and more recently I’ve been doing the rounds of the Saisons and Sours. Surely adding something to beer to make it more drinkable should make you realise the base beer is rubbish….and don’t even get me started on the concept of adding a lime to your Corona! …albeit it’s clearly an amazing marketing campaign! So when I stumbled across this chilli-infused beer from Matso’s, I was sceptical at best. Though like the magnetic effect a Corona has on me when holidaying in Fiji, the marketing drew me in, particularly the claim about the chilli properties improving the sex life…not that I’m saying it needs improving but….actually let’s leave that one there. Anyways, I just had to try this WA brewer’s most unusual of beers. Given that Matso’s is located in Broome, I wasn’t really expecting a spicy beer, perhaps a slight hit, but likely something that would quench the thirst while watching the sunset to the west on a balmy night. Boy was I wrong! Even the mild golden colour head and slightly malty aroma gave no indication of what was to come. But half a mouthful later there was more sweat on the forehead than a bloke jogging Cable Beach at midday in December. The sting starts with the lips and the heads quickly to the back of the pallet. At 4.2% there was never going to be a lot of body, but whatever malt or hops that were added to brew certainly struggle to cut the intense chilli flavour. This one will certainly be a conversation starter, however, I doubt you’ll go back for a second, let alone a 6 pack.


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