Origin – United State of America
ABV- 5.7%
Size- 330mL
Style- Pale Ale

‘All-time Top Brewery on Planet Earth’ … That would be one heck of an award to win for any brewery, let alone a fully independent one, however, San Diego-based Stone Brewing was awarded this label not once, but twice by BeerAdvocate magazine! Then you can add to that its rating as a ‘world class brewery‘ by the world’s largest beer enthusiast website, RateBeer. Evidence would, therefore, suggest that it’s no fluke that this Stone Ripper is well… a ripper. Stone was founded in ’96 by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner and to this day the lads still 100% own and operate the same brewer, that 21 years on, employs over 1,100 craft beer loving workers and produces almost 400M litres of craft each year, that’s more litres than the lifetime sales of all Rolling Stones albums. Now despite the fact that, one look at the label and you’ll more inclined to think Jack the Ripper than Ripper Rita, pull the ring on this month’s mystery tinny,  take a big swig, and I’m fairly confident your next words will be ‘you little ripper’.  On the pour, it’s a dark copper colour with a big earthy hop aroma, which although in Australia would likely class it as an IPA, this is somewhat characteristic of most US west–coast PA’s.  The mouthful is big on taste with a juicy amount of grapefruit and passion fruit flavours that quickly leads to a long and intense sharply bitter finish, no doubt derived from the dry hopping of the Cascade and Galaxy concoction.  The Rolling Stones greatest hit may have been ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’, but after ‘trying’ a few of these I can’t help but reflect that ‘you get what you need’.



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