Origin – United States of America
ABV- 5.5%
Size- 355mL
Style- Dark Ale
Hand crafted by the oldest and largest craft brewer in south eastern USA, this canine themed brew is certainly no mutt! Good mates Jim Patton and Rush Cumming (could the lads have names that sound any more American?) opened the doors of Abita Brewing in Abita Springs, just north of New Orleans, in 1986 well before the modern craft-brewing boom, and they have been producing fine ales with great tales ever since. Their first tale starts with their well-drawn water, which is so pure that it goes straight into the brew kettle saving the need for any purification. They were then certified as the first green brewer in North America following the installation of an energy efficient brew house that uses 70% less energy than traditional methods. The story continues with the over half-a-million dollars they raised for the victims of Hurricane Katrina by brewing a ‘restoration ale’. But if raising a glass to a tall tale or great cause isn’t enough to encourage you to grab a second, the flavour in this small batch brown ale surely will. And you don’t need to take my word for it as when the Turbodog was launched way back in 2005 (when lads actually read magazines) Stuff Magazine awarded it the title of ‘The best beer made in America’. Similar to a porter, she pours a rich dark brown body with just a little tan coloured head. On the nose, there is sweet chocolate, roasted caramel, coffee grounds and a hint of nuts- all courtesy of the pale, caramel and chocolate malts in the brew. The addition of the Willamette hops provide a firm bitterness to balance that big malty backbone, all delivering a flavour profile is rich, sweet and somewhat toffee like. Although it’s well-balanced, you can’t miss the chocolate, roasted malts and slightly nutty flavour on the finish. If a dog is a man’s best friend, then you could do much worse than taking on this Turbodog as your loyal companion.

BOW cube83

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