Origin – Australia, NSW
ABV- 5.1%
Size- 330mL
Style- Irish Stout
At a time when most great craft beers were only to be found in the likes of Western Australia and Victoria, Jarod and Steve Mitchell made local headlines when they went from thirsty to founders with the creation of a local brew pub 4 Pines. Based only hundreds of metres from the world famous Manly beach, the story goes that the idea was born from a casual conversation between this father and son post surf. It wasn’t long following that 2008 opening that demand led to the setup of a full-scale commercial brewery, and although still less than a decade old, this father and son team have won as many plaudits as thirsty fans. Perhaps their ultimate recognition to date was this brew being named Champion Stout at the 2012 Australian International Beer Awards. Take your first sip and you can understand why! This dry Irish style stout, that presents almost as black as the label itself, is simply the perfect example of the style. Brewed using a complex seven-strong malt lineup, it starts with a generous, long-lasting foamy head and delivers an immediate coffee, cocoa, caramel and liquorice aroma. The taste mimics the nose somewhat, with perhaps a hint of smoke added, all serving up a full-bodied mouth feel. If you think the taste is out of this world, then you’re actually not far from the truth. Researchers from an astronomic company have linked up with 4 Pines to use their Stout for testing in a low gravity environment. While doing “weightless parabolas”, which are designed to simulate space travel, they are testing the taste, drinkability and the effects on the human body of beer at zero gravity. Although Australia doesn’t even have a space program it’s encouraging to see that we’re going to make damn sure we won’t be beaten to the first space-certified beer… Aussie as bro!

BOW cube82

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