Origin – Australia, NSW
ABV- 4.7%
Size- 330mL
Style- Pale ale
Made in Collingwood, Sample Brewery is ‘so’ Melbourne. In fact, the story of Sample’s founders is ‘sooooo’ Melbourne that it has nothing to do with early beginnings in experimental backyard craft brewing. Instead, Vedad Huric begins with a degree in Architecture and Aaron Ollington one in Fine Arts, Photography & Painting. They opened Sample after seeing the opportunity to offer a premium product as an alternative to the increasingly ‘commercial craft’ beers on offer in the laneways of inner city Melbourne. So with that background, it’s not surprising that Vedad tells me their beers are targeted towards today’s design conscious and discerning individuals, which would certainly explain the high sophisticated label design. And given his industry connections, it’s likely you’ll stumble across a Sample brew not only at some of Melbourne’s (and now Sydney’s) coolest little bars and hole-in-the-walls, but also at gallery openings, design exhibitions, and fashion launches. But unlike architecture, photography or fine art, beer isn’t made for looking at but rather for drinking. Luckily when it comes to this Sample Batch No.1 pale ale I’m pleased to say it’s both form and function. As stated on the bottle, this brew is very much true to the style of an American pale, pouring a hazy golden colour in the glass. The haze the result of a bottled brew that is unfiltered and unpasteurised. There is a lovely aroma of caramel, citrus and stone fruit, which in the mouth is complement by a subtle toffee base that is balanced with a malty drive and hoppy bitterness. The body itself is somewhat light and the carbonation is just right. In an interesting twist, rather than the finish dropping off it actually builds right to the end. So when you’re craving a creative epiphany in the form of liquid loveliness, look no further!

BOW cube85

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