Origin – Australia. South Australia
ABV- 4.7%
Size- 330mL
Style- Honey Ale
The story begins in Madison, Pennsylvania in the summer of 1972. Veda lives in a huge mansion that doubles as the town’s funeral home. Her undertaker father is an awkward widower who doesn’t seem to understand his daughter, and as a result, constantly ignores her. Consequently, Veda spends a lot of time with her friend Thomas, love blossoms and while sitting under a tree by the river, they share an innocent first kiss. Lost in the moment Veda losses her ring, and while in search for it Thomas knocks a beehive. The swarming bees sting him just as he spots ring, and with the precious item still firmly grasped in his hand he sadly dies of an allergic reaction. Sound familiar? Well, it’s not the quite the story of Barossa Valley Brewing, rather 1991 hit movie My Girl. I could, however, had done with an empty when watching to collect the tears streaming down my face rather than them soaking my shirt! Nevertheless, there are some similarities. Denham D’Silva, the founder of BVB, also spent a lot of time with a friend named Craft Beer, love blossomed, and it continues to grow, not under a tree down by the river, but in the lush rolling hills of the Barossa. Likewise, he operates his business out of a 100-year-old stone mansion. That said it has had a ‘little’ renovation work done, and now includes an extension which houses an impressive five vessel brewhouse, an eight-tap brew pub, and from what I’m told a mighty fine restaurant. But given it’s located in one of our country’s foremost wine regions, is there really an appetite for beer? I guess D’Silva’s now dozen years of brewing is the answer to that. And it all started with this unique little Honey Ale. To state the obvious, it pours golden and has a sweet nose of honey, not as strong as a mead ale, but in that direction. The use of Barossa orange blossom honey delivers a sweet flavour profile that is balanced with some floral hops. She’s crisp and dry with and finishes with, what for it….a lingering honey flavour. It’s different, it’s drinkable, even the packaging is pretty funky looking, but would I run through a swamp of bees to grab another? Probably not.

BOW cube92

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