Origin – United States of America
ABV- 5.4%
Size- 330mL
Style- Lager
I believe the children are our future, teach them well to let them lead the way. It may have been Whitney Houston that banged that one out, but if you’re a little tired after a hard day at the office and are keen to kick back with a cold beer, that act of relaxation can also help teach the next generation the skills needed to achieve their dreams… as long as those dreams are brewing craft beer. Each year Newport, Oregon-based Rogue Ales releases a limited-edition lager that contributes 10% of sales to fund the Jack Joyce Scholarship for students enrolled in Oregon State University’s Fermentation Sciences program. Named after Rogue’s departed founder, since its launch back in 2014, the Scholarship has awarded over $185,000 to fifteen recipients. Famously it was one of those lucky students that gave the scholarship beer its name. Daniel Sharp, after disclosing that he had used most of the money to help pay for books, tuition and loans, admitted to putting the remainder of the funds into another worthwhile investment: a hot tub. While most benefactors would be displeased to hear their generous gift was spent on such an item, it turned out Jack Joyce was a hot tub enthusiast himself. Daniel’s candour and affinity for taking a dip were well-received and thus the Hot Tub Scholarship Lager was born, with the can artwork itself even reflecting old mate Jack Joyce having a beer in a tub! Now although Jacks sexy looks aren’t perhaps to everyone’s taste, I am confident the opposite can be said about what’s in the can. This German Style Hellas Lager is exactly what you expect from the style; with its brilliant golden pour and thick two finger bone white head that sticks like glue, it’s nose a balance of pale malt and light-to-moderate earthy hop notes, it’s taste of toasted malts, mildly bitter hops with just a touch of sweetness, and a finish that is crisp and clean. A simple, yet exceptional lager for a hot summer night. And what to do should your local be sold out of this limited edition? Grab John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke and Chevy Chase, and fire-up the hot tub time machine!

BOW cube114


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