Origin – Australia. NSW
ABV- 6.5%
Size- 330mL
Style- Amber AleThe famous Route 66 runs 2,448 miles east-west from Chicago, Ill, to Santa Monica, CA, with incredible stops along the way such as the Grand Canyon, Cadillac Ranch and the Historic Wigman Motel. Head north up Route 1 along the Atlantic Ocean and you’ll take in the Florida Keys and Washington DC’s 14th Street Bridge. But if you ask me, it’s often the road less travelled that results in the most amazing journeys. Although the little-known route 44 only takes in 4 states over 237 miles, and may not feature in Trip Advisors top 10 road trips, the Connecticut section is unforgettable, and you’ll definitely have something to Instagram home about when you stumble across Longhorn Steakhouse in Massachusetts- the steak’s obviously amazing, but the short rib and biscuit combined with a local ale…Boom! And it’s from another road less travelled, the little-known route of North Rocks Road that runs from Bunnings Parramatta to the North Rocks butcher, where you’ll come across Riverside Brewery. Situated amidst a fairly standard-issue industrial area containing trade warehouses, there’s nothing ‘riverside’ about Riverside, aside from perhaps the stormwater drain during a downpour. But venture beyond the roller door of founder Stephen Pan’s microbrewery and you will discover a river of goodness flowing from his 2000L brewing system. Having knocked the cap off his first beer for public consumption in mid-2012, the last five years have been an amazing journey for Stephen and the lads, with what was once a trickle of walk-up sales now a fast-flowing distribution network, including everything from small-town bottle shops to the mass online retailers. And although Riverside launched with a range of 5 core beers, it was the pour of this unfiltered, bottle conditioned 44 Amber Ale that first set the trickle in motion, winning drinkers over with a single sip. Pouring a hazy copper colour, the more-than-generous hit of American Cascade and Centennial hops are perfectly balanced by a big, roasty malt backbone, providing a sweet and malty nose. The flavour journey on the palate begins with a grapefruit hop bitterness, stops in for some toffee and dark chocolate, and arrives at a destination characterised by pine and citrus. Googling amazing Sydney road trips won’t point you towards North Rocks Road, but head out that way and grab yourself a 6 pack of 44’s along with some award-winning snags from the Beef Bullion butcher, and I guarantee it’ll be a journey you’ll not soon forget.

BOW cube123

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