Origin – United States of America
ABV- 5.2%
Size- 330mL
Style- Amber Ale

Even though New Belgium Brewing Co. has transformed from a basement brewery to America’s fourth-largest craft brewer, by many it’s still regarded more as a social movement than a brewery. Even the staff dress the part, with flannel, jeans, hoodies, tattoos and piercings all common. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, an hour’s drive north of Denver, the company started as a result of the founder’s mountain-bike tour through Belgium in 1988, where he fell in love with the country’s broader palette of ingredients (fruits, spices and wonderful yeast strains) used in their beers. Jeff Lebesch, an electrical engineer at the time, returned home and convinced his wife Kim Jordan to open a brewery, the first in the U.S. to make Belgian-style beer. His love of bikes was etched in history, right beside his love of beer, in the form of the red cruiser on the company logo. Although the love between Jeff and Kim didn’t last (the marriage ended and Lebesch left the company in 2001) the lovefest between New Belgium Brewing Co and its 500-odd staff continues; not surprising given every employee receives a branded fat-tire cruiser bike after a year of service and an all-expenses-paid beer tour of Belgium after five. To top that in 2013 Kim Jordan called an all-hands meeting and stunned employees by announcing that the company had been sold. Once the gasps subsided, she told staffers that the envelopes on their chairs contained the identity of the buyer. Inside they found a mirror, Jordan’s way of informing them that they were the new owners of New Belgium through an employee stock-ownership plan! Fat Tire, the first and still their signature brew to this day, is a staple in the USA’s craft beer industry with just shy of 9,000 reviews on rating website Beeradvocate alone – over 2,000 of those, more than 4 out of 5 stars! Almost with a cult status, it’s widely regarded as a gateway for people interested in getting into craft beer due to its easy-going, but absolutely delicious makeup. She pours a beautifully clear copper tone and sniffs of very light malted, nutty, hoppy aroma with a hint of caramel. It tastes much livelier than the simplicity of the nose suggests. Upfront it’s spicy and herbal, but without that hop bitterness that can so often dominate, followed by caramel notes and some floral overtones. I wouldn’t be surprised if the craft geeks object to my love of this beer and its wonderful sense of balance- the toasty, biscuit-like malt flavours coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness – but as far as I’m concerned, they can get on their bikes and…

BOW cube121

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