Origin – Australia. NSW
ABV- 4.5%
Size- 330mL
Style- Golden Ale
It was the 20th July 1969 when Apollo 11 landed a man on the moon, with the world tuning in to hear Neil Armstrong famously said, ‘that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’. It was a moment in time that captured the imagination of many, and it may just be my imagination running wild, but I’m not convinced it wasn’t just an elaborate hoax. After all, if NASA did it once why has it never been repeated? And it was the 19th March 2014 when Murray’s Brewing Co., just inland of Nelson Bay on NSW North Coast, landed this Moon Boy in-a-bottle on the craft beer world. It didn’t quite have the same impact as Armstrong and Buzz’s landing, and it wasn’t a giant leap for craft beer, but the label design certainly captured the imagination, with its bearded, bespectacled chap, with fangs for teeth, in a maroon sweater. Now I’ll admit that I love a trendy label design more than the next guy, but there was just something about this hipster on the decal that didn’t instil me with confidence. My other concern from the outset was the lower ABV, which is somewhat uncharacteristic for Murray’s who usually operate in the upper reaches of the ABV realm when sending new beers into the world. But I need not have worried as on the first sip it was revealed this Moon Boy Golden Ale was no hoax. The high wheat content and the extensive dry hopping with the New Zealand Motueka and Australian Ella hops gave a late tropical fruit aroma that spiced things up on the nose, while the light German Pilsner malt backbone provided a favour that was crisp and dry, with just a touch of residual hop bitterness. According to head brewer Shawn Sherlock, it’s the perfect summer sessional. So, when taking one giant leap across the scorching Bondi Beach sand this summer, make sure you’re at least heading towards an esky with a few Moon Boys on ice!

BOW cube133

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