Origin – Australia. NSW
ABV- 4.7%
Size- 330mL
Style- Lager

The glitz of the Sutherland Shire has come a long way since it was infamously introduced to the rest of Sydney, wider Australia and much of the UK via Australia’s first reality TV program, the 1990’s hit ‘Sylvania Waters’ featuring the wild family, the Donaher’s! Yet it was a different wild family, or man to be exact, who roamed the shores of Botany Bay long before it was to become officially known as ‘The Shire’ (or as the locals call it, ‘God’s Country’) that the Hairyman Brewery was named after. According to a story in the National Archive, the ‘Wild Hairyman from Botany Bay’, roamed the local area in the late 1800’s, helping himself to the abandoned beer supplies of the sailors after he had frightened them off from their beach camps. Fortunately, the only thing hairy about this little craft brewer is it man on the label. Having been a builder for over 2 decades, founder and head brewer Andy Orrell decided it was time to build something for himself. Although most builders opt to buy a ‘reno or demo’, transform it and then flip it for a small fortune, with a passion for home-brewing since a young man, Andy built his own brewery, literally and figuratively speaking, installing each tank with his own hands. Joined by his wife Joan, they first used the facility to brew other people’s beers before in late 2016 beginning to brew a small range of beers they could call their own. Each beer in the core range is named after a story about the encounters of the Hairyman, with each drop as unique as the namesake. Lawson’s Legend is a fruit driven pale ale, Cory’s Claim an easy drinking dark ale and, this Follet’s Fable a sessional lager. In the glass, the light golden colour is crystal clear with a fluffy white head. As you’d expect from a lager, the aroma is faint with a delicate grass and mildly citrus nose. In the mouth, there are some mild hops flavours delivered from the Pacific, Jade and Motueka, which is balanced perfectly with just a hint of sweet caramel malt. Given the high ratio of male models living south of the George’s River, it’s fortunate that you don’t need to be as ugly as the hairyman to get your hands on this drop, least the lads go thirsty!

BOW cube135

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