Origin – Australia. TAS
ABV- 5%
Size- 375mL
Style- Red Ale

She’s big, bold and red, and certainly knows how to put on a show. Then there’s Bette Midler! However just like old Bette and her Emmys, Golden Globes and Tony’s, this She’s No Bette Midler Red Ale from Last Rites Brewing Co. is destined for greatness. The somewhat unusual drop was first brewed in 2015 as part of the core range of New-World hop-driven ales the lads used to announce their launch onto the local Tasmanian craft beer scene. As avid home brewers, Phil Zakaria, the former research chemist, and his mates Brett Allchin and Chris Cooper figured it was time for Tassie’s to taste some big, bold American-style ales. And the timing was ideal, with everyone including the Apple Isle’s Premier turning out for the rare occasion of the opening of a new microbrewery. It was a time when the craft brewing scene was in its infancy and the number in the state was still in single figures, with essentially only Moo Brew being known north of Bass Straight. Yet add only 18 months, and today it’s a state that is on the cusp of a craft beer revolution, with more than 25 brewers hitting the hops. Although the map of Tas has been famous since God grabbed one of Adam’s ribs and gave us Eve, it’s rapidly becoming famous for delivering enjoyment of an altogether different kind. And when it comes to enjoyment, the lads at this Hobart-based Last Rites Brewing Co. know how to both serve it up and drink it in themselves- the way they name their beers alone a clear testament to that. And I guess it’s only fitting that the beer behind as an unusual name as She’s No Bette Midler is also somewhat of an unusual red ale. A pour into glass reveals a shade reminiscent of the divine miss M’s bold red hair (in the past at least!). Her perfume is sweet and spicy, the result I’m told of the late hopping with local tassie Ella hops. However, it’s the generous use of red malts combined with some dark malts, and a little addition of Columbus hops that serves up rich full bodied malty mouth, full of caramel, biscuit flavours and toffee. Bette’s no ale that you want to view ‘from a distance’, rather pull the ring, take a good swing and in no time you’ll be singing, I feel ‘the wind beneath my wings’!

BOW cube132


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