Origin – Australia. SA
ABV- 3.5%
Size- 355mL can
Style- Indian Pale Ale
While most pirates didn’t make much (after all it took a large crew to raid another ship and emerge victoriously, and the costs of maintaining an oceanic fighting force in the era before GPS and Aldi was no cheap task!) there were a few that made almost unfathomable amounts. It’s estimated that before he lost his head in 1718, Edward Teach, aka Captain Blackbeard, was worth more than $12.5billion US in today’s currency. Rather than raping and pillaging the Americas themselves, Blackbeard made a pretty penny by letting the Spanish do so–and then stealing all their loot. Not exactly an honourable trade, but stealing from the genocidal Spanish wasn’t the worst thing he could do to get ahead in life! Another pirate that has recently plundered an estimated unfathomable amount of treasure is this South Australian based brewer Pirate Life, recently acquired by the world’s biggest beer company, Anheuser-Busch InBev. Not a bad loot for the lads who only opened their door a few years ago. And while many in the craft beer world have suggested that owners and founders, captain Jack Cameron and his second mate Jared ‘Red’ Proudfoot, should be made to walk the plank for their ‘sell out’ treachery, at the end of the day if it helps get sensational beers like this Throwback IPA into hands in faraway lands unknown, through AB’s global distribution network, then the world will be a happier place. Now, if you think because she’s a mid-strength you’ll save a little booty of your own, you’d be sadly mistaken, with this Throwback almost twice the price of most mids. To its defence, it is ten times the flavour. Pull the ring on this honey-coloured 3.5% sessional ale and you’re immediately hit by the fruity hops. Take a good swig, and you may not be smashed with a cannonball hit of flavour, but there’s still plenty of passionfruit, melon, and zesty citrus to make things interesting. It’s hoppy throughout, as a modern IPA should be, and finishes with a bitterness that leaves you in no doubt you’ve had a beer with a little heave-ho. All that, and you could enjoy more than a few and still not be three sheets to the wind! Yo ho ho.

BOW cube144

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