Origin – Australia. SA
ABV- 6.2%
Size- 330mL bottle
Style- Porter
Since made famous by Bon Scott and the Young brothers, I can’t think, let along say out loud, the word ‘deed’ without wanting to bang out the chorus line ‘dirty deeds done dirt cheap’. I’ve always loved the fact that the song, about a bloke who could be called on to perform assorted unsavoury acts to resolve your problems on the cheap, listed a phone number (36-24-36) that actually worked. The next thing that springs to my mind is ‘doing the deed’, which the dictionary describes as ‘to perform an illegal act, ie-The mob boss paid the man to do the deed. Though the urban dictionary best describes what I was thinking when I heard that phrase! So, what about the name Quiet Deeds? I read in an interview with owners and founders David Milstein and Patrick Ale that the name came about in homage to the little-unnoticed things people do such as opening a door for someone. Really! You’d think someone who owned a hip Melbourne based craft brewery with an awesomely appropriate surname like Ale could have come up with something a little more creative. Perhaps the lads should have dialled 36-24-36 to get some ideas? Luckily David and Patrick who started out as beer importers had more business sense than imagination. Not long after getting serious about brewing in 2012 they enticed Bobby Henry, of Vancouver’s legendary craft brewer Parallel 49 fame, to join them, bringing with him his knack for creating clever, innovative and highly drinkable brews. Another wise investment was the 25 hectolitre brewing system, the same size as Stone & Wood’s original. Along with their Brew-Magic pilot setup, the trio has the ability to test, taste, debate and then scale, landing the craft beer world not only the now standard line up of tasty and palatable IPA‘s and PA’s but also funkier innovative offerings such as their Lamington Ale and this Vanilla Porter. Traditionally most folks save the darks for the colder months, but chilled right, a porter can be the perfect post-meal offering for a balmy night. Best served in a glass, this American style porter pours a deep brown colour with a thick creamy head. It boasts a lovely milk chocolate aroma with hints of vanilla, cocoa, and coffee. In the mouth, it shows its class with rich and robust flavours that follow the nose, all balanced by a moderate bitterness and a silky-smooth finish. Although at 6.2% ABV there’s 1.7 standards per stubby, given this Vanilla Porters’ richness, it’s not like that it would have even been the slab that Bon Scott infamously drank!

BOW cube141

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