Origin – Australia. VIC.
ABV- 4.8%
Size- 330mL bottle
Style- Pale Ale
When most folks think about Melbourne the first few things that come to mind are the laneway coffee shops, secret bars behind non-descript doorways and high-end shopping. If you intend to head out of town you might hear a recommendation or two about visiting Victoria’s wine country or perhaps their alpine ski fields. Few, however, would suggest, let alone even know about the hidden gem that is Victoria’s High-Country Brewery Trail. Weaving a path that extends from the river to the mountains, the trail takes in eight handcrafted, small batch, family-owned breweries with beers as unique as their owners, all made with a passion that often only presents itself when distant from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. Along with Black Dog (Taminick), King River (King Valley), Blizzard (Dinner Plain), Bridge Road (Beechworth), Bright, Rutherglen, and Sweetwater (Mount Beauty) is Social Bandit Brewing Co, located in Mansfield, some 3 hours northeast of Melbourne. Founders, husband and wife team Jeff and Jeanette Whyte, were far from new to regional Victoria’s brewing scene, having established, operated and sold the former Jamieson Brewery (now Wrong Side Brewing) just down the road before they opened this brewpub and stone baked pizza kitchen in 2015. Word is the idea behind the name came from Jeff’s Robin Hood-style social opposition to the global brewers taking over the craft beer world, albeit, a one slice of pepperoni pizza and cold pale ale at a time type of stand. But if anyone can make a stand and steal sales back from the rich mega-brewers buying up our craft brewers, the man that purchase a 10-hectolitre brewing system that came with instructions in Japanese and put it together himself like a jigsaw puzzle, would be the one. Although a few tourists stroll through the doors at Social Bandit, as you’d expect it’s the locals who have naturally made themselves comfortable, each having their own preference from one of the 12 taps. The Jackie Brown Ale is a winter fav and The Heff a popular warm-weather choice, but it’s this Triggered Pale Ale that is the all-around go to. Much like its owner, the Triggered stands boldly in the face of most other pale ales. The big complex caramel and biscuity malt backbone is balanced perfectly with flavours and aromas of melon and tropical fruit. It’s all then offset with the precise amount of bitterness, ensuring the Mosaic hops don’t overpower the base flavours. So next time you’re up that way, drop in, and if not grab a few bottles from your local. I don’t think Uber eats does pizza delivery up that way, so unless you’re set for a road trip you’re all out of luck on that front!

BOW cube143

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