Origin – Australia. ACT
ABV- 5.8%
Size- 355mL can
Style- Red Ale
For much of its history, Canberra hasn’t enjoyed such of glamorous reputation. We’ve all heard the jokes ‘they spoiled a perfectly good sheep station’, ‘a cemetery with lights’, and a personal favourite of mine from Bill Bryson, who after watching a promotional video about the city when visiting while researching his book Downunder, suggested renaming the campaign: ‘Canberra – Why Wait for Death? But in reality, the capital and biggest-little-city of Australia isn’t so bad. Not only is it surrounded by amazing natural beauties, over the past few years it’s also developed a sensational food, wine, coffee and craft beer culture. And as of mid-2016, Canberra’s population (of 400,000 or so past post-grad students who couldn’t find employment in the private sector!) added Capital Brewing Co to the list of local favourites, already made up by the likes of Bentspoke and Pact Beer. Launched by a group of mates that included the Coombes brothers (Rich and Sam) of Will & Co. coffee fame, along with Tom Hertel and Laurence Kain, the lads behind iconic Canberra venues Honky Tonks and Hippo Co, it took less than 18 months for Canberra’s newest craft brewer to put down their own bricks, mortar and lots and lots of stainless steel, ensuring that Capital could be made from that day forth in the capital. And just as any great commonwealth can attribute much of its success to its Prime Minister! …much of Capital’s success can also be credited to head brewer Wade Hurley, formerly of San Diego’s illustrious Green Flash. Aside however from importing head brewers, the team at Capital Brewing Co are all about the homegrown. So, when offered the opportunity to grab some locally grown Cascade hops from the Batlow region hop program for this Evil Eye Red IPA, they jumped at it. And just pull the ring and pour yourself a glass from this 355mL can of goodness you can instantly understand what made them so excited. As you’d expect from the same home as the apple, the Batlow grown cones deliver a treat of a hop forward fruity nose, coming from what is a deep copper pour. At 5.8% abv the flavour is full-bodied, with a nice balance of fruit, toffee (toffee apple?!) and a generous hop bitter finish. With brews this good, it’s not surprising that Canberrans have added to for their love of firecrackers, porn and roundabouts, that of amazing craft beers.


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