Origin – Australia. Victoria
ABV- 5.4%
Size- 330mL bottle
Style- Lager
The wind was too strong to wind the sail. You really have to marvel at the lunacy of the English language. Why is it that writers write but hammers don’t ham! Then there’s the case of the same meaning, but different words to describe it. Take something agreed upon. Aside, of course, an agreement, or perhaps a gentlemen’s agreement, it could be labelled a treaty, a truce, a contract, a covenant or a pact. Or if it’s little secretive and a tiny bit illegal, the same thing can even be called collusion. And from the home of ambiguous words, the nation’s political capital comes one; Pact. Although not quite as infamous as Bob Hawke’s legendary ‘By 1990, no Australian child will be living in poverty’, the name came about as the result of a one-liner by founder Kevin Hingston in 2015, ‘today we make a blood pact to open a successful brewing company that never compromises on creativity’. Given a few years prior, Kevin’s only claim to fame was that he was social secretary of Canberra’s homebrews club, it could have been fair to group the likelihood of that happening along with Bob’s bold statement. But just like Bob and his legendary yard glass record, Hingston also had an ace up his sleeve- he REALLY knew how to homebrew. In fact, he was so good that after only two years in the game he took home the nation’s highest amateur prize. And so, just like any thirsty soldier who refused to desert his beer in the desert, in a tiny kitchen in Canberra a pact was made to never desert that pact that was made! And for the trio of Kevin, Marc Grainger and Tim Osbourne there’s been no looking back. And despite Kevin boasting about having never brewed the same homebrew, twice the trio has been quick to temper their pact on creativity. Rather than every mix resulting in a new quirky flavour, they’ve learnt to walk the tightrope of being creative while still brewing beers with wide appeal. Which describes this L Yeah. The lads have essentially taken the yellow tasteless swill that the likes of Bob and your dad used to drink and added a whole bunch of ‘hell yeah’ to it. Albeit it looks like a typical lager, put it to your nose and the grassy aroma from the Loral hops (the L in L Yeah) give the first indication that something more is up. A swill is full of melon bursts, zesty citrus and the slightest touch of earthy cacao. Finishing equal parts crisp and hoppy, I can understand why she picked up a silver at this year’s AIBA’s. Which is more than I can say for why quicksand works slowly or why boxing rings are square!


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