Origin – Australia. South Aust.
ABV- 4.2%
Size- 330mL bottle
Style- Kolsch
In 1996, a shed was built with the aim to promote social interaction and to increase the quality of life for blokes. The slogan above the bar was ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’, as in “Men don’t talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder”. That movement was to become known as Men’s Shed. The story behind Big Shed Brewing Concern isn’t too dissimilar. Mates Jason Harris and Craig Basford started brewing in a farming shed in SA’s Barossa Valley in 2002 with the aim to increase the quality of their life and create social interaction with their family and friends. And they did such a great job of that task as amateur home brewers, they decided to go pro. Yet rather than leaving behind the desire to promote social interaction, they built on it, or more accurately built it- a big shed in Adelaide’s Royal Park consisting of a communal brewery. A place where the lads could commercially brew a few batches and also offer it up to other South Australian brewers looking for a shed to mix their own. Not only could they give a leg up to others in the craft beer community, getting some rent money to help keep the bank man at bay between brews was remarkably handy. Steadily the Big Shed was filled with tenants, most notably the Mismatch Brewing Company. All the while Jason and Craig began establishing the Big Shed brand in its own right and in 2014 they launched the first of their core range, the American brown ale, FrankenBROWN. Fast forward four years and a shed load of CBA awards, and the Big Shed is getting bigger….much bigger! In February 2018 the lads unveiled a plan backed the State Gov to move into a 3500sq m premises that will contain a new 50-hectolitre system, increasing production from 225,000L per year to several million. And as is the case today, you can be sure that one of the beers rattling down those new lines will be this Kol sChisel. Big Shed’s take on the German Kolsch, which has proven popular from the ocean to the Silver City, is as Craig describes it, ‘an ale masquerading as a lager’. Pour a glass from the bottle (on which you can spot Jimmy Barnes’ headband and microphone on a bird of prey) and it’s the spicy and fruity nose that first impresses. Yet unlike the rockers from their hometown, put her to your lips and the flavour is mild and earthy, with a sweet malt finish and a balancing bitterness. I dare say that if word of this beer spreads, that at 4.2% you can drink shoulder to shoulder with mates all afternoon, there’ll be panic to get on the last plane out of Sydney…heading for SA!


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