Origin – Victoria. Melbourne
ABV- 4.5%
Size- 330mL Bottle
Style- Pilsner

The adjective for a cavalier is ‘showing a lack of proper concern’, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth when referring to the sword-bearing lads at Cavalier brewing. Pretty much since the inception of Cavalier in 2011 with their first 100-litre brewing set up, founders Steve Martin and Heath Shirtcliffe have been all about making a difference. However, unlike many, the difference hasn’t only been focused on the flavour profiles of their craft beers or educating Australia’s beer drinking public about better options for conversational lubrication. Indeed, despite their scale, Cavalier Brewing has punched well above its weight when it comes to community support and CSR, something some of the big brewers could certainly sit up and take note of. The finest example, without doubt, their commitment to Cavalier Courage, even in the brewery’s infancy. It was early 2013 when Dr Ian Davis knocked on the door. The avid craft beer lover and up-and-coming medical specialist who had recently been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease wanted to discuss a collaboration with the hope to raise funding and awareness for research into the crippling disease with no cure. It took the lads a millisecond to agree, and the bottled result was such a success that pretty much before it had hit shelves it was sold out. And although six years on the look of the labels have changed, the heart of what the lads are all about remained the same. Likewise, while interesting specials have come and gone, such as the various black coffee IPA collaborations with Proud Mary Coffee, the amazing core range seems to be brewed to perfection, batch after batch. This Pilsner is the embodiment of that. Taking its inspiration from Europe, she pours a pale gold with the foamiest of fluffy white heads. The aroma offers up wafts of pilsner malt and floral, herbal hop aromas. Take a big sip and there’s a perfect amount of spicy hop bitterness delivered by the Czech hops, which are neatly balanced on a sword edge with the sweet malt finish. Notwithstanding that Cavalier is a great name for a craft brewer, I can’t help but think that perhaps a white knight in shining armour is a more apt description.


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