Origin – NSW. Sydney
ABV- 6%
Size- 330mL bottle
Style- Indian Pale Ale

Aside from an amazing Sydney restaurant (you’ve got to try the Smoked Brisket Empanada ….wow!) the other Nomad that calls Sydney home is a brewery located on the Northern Beaches.  And like all nomads, these guys also have travel in their DNA.  It all started when Australian husband and wife team Kerrie and Johnny Latta were travelling between their homeland and Italy, running their beer distribution business.  During one trip in 2013 they brokered a deal with Global Top 100 Brewer and the founder of Italy’s Birra Del Borgo craft brewery, Leonardo Di Vincenzo (not to be mixed up with Leonardo Di Vinci- thought this one too is an artist). The agreement revolved around the distribution of his artwork in a bottle to our local shores.  And it wasn’t long before Leo followed his beers and jumped a plane to Australia for a ‘tax-deductible’ promotional tour.  One junket led to another and in a transit lounge in Singapore, an idea was floated to cash in their combined frequent flyer points, buy a few bits and pieces and start-up Nomad Brewing in Australia. The requirement of a brewmaster lead to yet another trip, this time to New York to coerce Brooks Caretta, formerly of Dogfish Head and Eatly to jump an A380 and head west.  With the stars aligned and an all-star line-up of nomads in place, they found an empty warehouse in Brookvale, installed a brewery and filled the tanks. The team followed the successful model that Leo had pursued with Birra del Borgo: elegant and refined beers almost always featuring some unique or unusual local ingredient. And it’s that ethos that landed them this Jet Lag IPA.  Although a beer that takes its inspiration from the highly-hopped IPAs of the USA where Brooks cut his craft brewing teeth, there’s a unique Aussie twist through the addition of the native bush food, finger limes. It’s not a character you’ll necessarily pick in the beer outright, but only because you’re not meant to. Rather, it’s just one of the many components including a blend of Vic Secret and both US and Australian varieties of Cascade hops, that serves up an amazing citrus punch. Pouring a rich amber colour with a generous fluffy head, this is a highly aromatic brew with strong bitterness – just the sort of sensory hit you need to perk you up after a long flight.

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