Origin – Queensland. Brisbane
ABV- 5.5%
Size- 330mL can
Style- Porter

Do you remember the Bathurst Tooheys 1000? What about the Fosters Melbourne F1GP? Ever catch a game of XXXX beach cricket? Following the void left by Windfield, Rothmans and Peter Jackson, it seemed that having a beer and watching the game or race went hand in hand. That was until the billionaire betting agencies decided it was time to convince us that having a punt with the lads was more meaningful than a beer with the boys. Well, I’m pleased to see recently that there’s a number of brewers that are putting the sauce back into squaring off. Surprisingly, however, it’s an about-face not lead by the biggest brewing corporations in the world.  In an extraordinary coup for Australia’s craft beer movement, it was Brick Road Brewing who kicked it off (pun intended!) with the announcement of their sponsorship of the Melbourne Storm and pouring rights at the MCG.  Perth based Gage Roads then slayed international brewing giants, winning the lucrative contract to supply beer at the new Perth Stadium. And just this month the Queensland Rugby Union has announced Brisbane’s Newstead Brewing Co as its official craft beer partner for the 2018 Rugby season, including exclusive pouring rights at Ballymore Stadium. Given the other sessional offerings available from the lads at Newstead, it’s not likely that you’ll see this porter pouring from the stadium taps on game day, but it doesn’t mean you can’t kick back at home with the lads in front of the box and wash down your Four’n Twenty with one or two. And despite your best guess, the 21 feet 7 inches doesn’t refer the distance of a famous Quade Cooper field goal, rather the devastating flood that hit Brisbane back in 1974 with its 21’ 7” high tide. And it’s certainly a porter that floods your palate with a bold array of dark malt characters right at the outset. Yet notwithstanding the appearance, she is anything but dark. Beyond the aroma of burnt nuts, chocolate and roasted coffee lays a smooth medium to light bodied, more bitter than sweet, ale. And as stated on the label, ‘the malted and rolled oats seem to add buoyancy with the hops just sitting in the background’. I’m not very good on the tote, but I’ll give you this tip- odds are that sharing a beer such as this with a mate is more likely to lead to a great conversation than any bet on the game!

Newstead19 Insta

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