Origin – Melbourne. Victoria
ABV- 5.2%
Size- 330mL bottle
Style- American Pale Ale

No Hawkers Welcome. It’s a sign that is displayed on the front doors of offices and factories all around Australia. Well, we’re lucky that Mazen Hajjar didn’t read them, or at least didn’t care. The former airline founder, investment banker and war photographer began his first foray into the craft scene by starting a brewery in the Middle East in 2006, right in the middle of the July war between Lebanon and Israel. As the Israelis bombed Hezbollah he started 961 Beer amid the destruction of war-torn Beirut. I’m told he opened one of the first craft breweries in the Middle East because he was “pissed off” at his country, which he says knew much of crafting weapons but nothing of crafting beer. And with true grit and entrepreneurial spirit, he didn’t let a few bombs or fact that he had never been to a brewery in his life let alone have any idea about making beer, stop him from making it a huge success. By 2012 they were exporting to 26 different countries, one of which was Australia, in which Maz and his then business partner literally built a Sydney and Melbourne distribution network by hawking crates full of 961 bottles door to door.  It was during the course of those promotional trips down under that Maz not only fell in love with our amazing shorelines but also recognised the growth potential of our craft beer market. And not one to do things by halves, by 2015 Hawkers was founded in Australia, being produced in their shiny new +$3 million brewhouse in Melbourne’s Reservoir.  And just to prove everything he touches turns to gold, two days after pulling open the door, their first beer, this Pale Ale, won the People’s Choice at the Geelong beer festival. They have since gone on to win twelve AIBA medals, six CBA’s, four IBC’s, two NZBA’s, and, was named the Supreme Champion Brewer at the prestigious International Beer Challenge in London. As the gold rains down, the amber flows, with this American style pale ale perhaps at the intersection of both. The golden colour naturally points toward a malty aroma which is layered with hints of tropical fruit, peach, citrus, and pine. The mouth follows the nose however the magical touch comes from the three hop mix (Amarillo, Citra and Centennial) which provides balance and delivers a perfect bitterness to both the front and back of the palate. Given the quality of this PA and their success so far, it’s not likely that Maz and the now 40 folk at Hawkers are going to need to return to hawking door to door, but should they, there’ll certainly be selling second-hand beer medals!

Hawkers19 Insta

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